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Download the mod

These are the latest versions of Mine Little Pony. For other versions, check the old version page. To find out what changed in each version you can read the full change log.

Installation instructions

Installation instructions for all versions of the mod are here.

Mod download

You need to install LiteLoader to use this.

Tekkit download

Only get this if you use Tekkit (which is based on a very old version of Minecraft). You should follow the instructions to install the old version of Mine Little Pony but install it into your modpack.jar instead of Minecraft.jar

Download the skins

The skinpack zip file contains skins for all of the mane 6 ponies and other ponies that star in the show in addition to copies of the background pony skins used in the mod. To use a particular pony skin on yourself you will have to change your player skin to one of the skins from the skinpack using your profile on in the usual way. You shouldn't need old versions of the skinpack but they are linked on the old version page for posterity. dann494 made a pack of variations on the Royal Guard skin, so if you want to be a specific type of Royal Guard you should get his Royal Guard pack here.