Verdana's Minecraft pony creator

This web page lets you make Minecraft skins which are compatible with the Mine Little Pony mod. It doesn't let you do anything particularly complicated, but you can probably make simple OC ponies with it. The components of the skins are (mostly) taken from the skins provided with the mod, so thanks to the artists who made the original skins.

Click on the tools below to choose the elements of your pony. Click and drag anywhere on the page to rotate the live preview.

You don't need to worry about colouring specific pixels or anything like that if you use this, everything is done for you and the finished skins are ready to upload to your profile on

You can choose to recolour the hair styles which only have one colour, or you can select a premade multicoloured hair style in which case your colour choice won't be used.


Body type:

Coat colour:

Mane and tail style:

Mane and tail colour:


Eye style:

Eye colour:

Mouth style:


Alicorn Hooves
Princess tiara
Princess necklace
Octavia's bow-tie
DJ shades
Verdana's glasses
Hair bow
Utility jacket
Wonderbolt costume
Vault dweller costume
Medic costume

Cutie Mark


Click to draw with the pen.

Download skin

Here is your finished skin:

Then upload it to